4 Fabrics to Instantly Spruce Up Your Home

#1 Damask

Damask, the name originating from the capital of Syria and has a history of being sold as early as the 12th century, is a fabric made from silk, cotton or linen and is opaque, featuring weaved shiny patterns usually floral in nature or arabesques.

Whilst the fabric is most commonly used for traditional and rustic decorating, in recent periods it has been transformed by artists like Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons of Timorous Beasties into a modern, bohemian and extremely unique choice for wallpaper and upholstery.This versatile type of fabric would be best used for wallpaper, cushions in living rooms or dining areas, and when used for upholstery. Use damask for a dash of class when choosing wallpaper, or perhaps on your favourite armchair.

Care: Can be dry cleaned.

Examples of Damask


Damsel Damask Velvet Fabric

From Timorous Beasties

#2 Viscose

Made from renewable plants, viscose has often been cited as an environmentally friendly fabric, especially when bamboo is its source.

Though production of viscose in the past was actually very damaging with the amount of chemicals used to treat it, recently the “lyocell” method has been utilised by many companies, which uses N-Methlymorpholine N-oxide as the solvent. This method produces little waste product, making it far more eco-friendly.

Viscose has many attractive qualities, including being inexpensive, soft, drapes well, and highly robust. I would likely use viscose in curtains and rugs, particularly in the bedroom or hallways as it has excellent colour retention.

Care: Dry clean as inexperience with this fabric can ruin the product.

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