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5 To-Do’s When Furniture Buying

You walk into a furniture and instantly you’re overwhelmed. You need a new living room set, seems like a simple task. You quickly realize, as the sales person attacks you with questions that you have no idea what you need or want or if it will fit into your space or even if the fabric choice will work for your family. There’s so many things you can do before such a big purchase but I’m going to list 5.

As a store manager of a furniture store I look for my customers to be happy about their purchase, and confident with their decision before they leave the store. Most stores have a “final sale” policy or charge a percentage for restocking the furniture, when returning or canceling your order. So let’s get it right the first time with these 5 tips. In no particular order.

5. Measure once, then measure again.

Measure everything! The doorway the hallway, the room, the landing. It’s very important that your furniture make it through your doorway. Once you’re at the store your purchase can be made accordingly and you’ll be glad you brought your measurements with you.

4. Shop around.

Please do not just stop into the most popular furniture store in your city and buy without shopping around. You would not believe how many stores carry the same items for a lower price. Also be sure to look for sale ads in the mail, and subscribe to emails for different furniture stores in the area. Do not buy offline, the price may be tempting but the drop shipping is horrible and you never know what you’re getting until it arrives. Pictures never do anything justice.

3. Research.

You can get a ton of furniture information from a knowledgeable sales associate, if they think you’re buying. But with modern day technology you can Google fabrics and search Pinterest. Look for the best fabric for you and your family, the frame that would suit your space, even how you plan to purchase (cash, financing, layaway). Did you know that when you ask to see leather you could be talking about bonded leather, PU, bi-cast, leather match? Can you fit a sectional in your home if so what type? L-shaped, or reclining.

2. Create a budget.

Furniture is not an everyday purchase. Do you plan to redecorate again in a couple of years or are you going ride this set out to retirement. Whatever you decide remember you get what you pay for. Be sensible and logical when creating your budget. Also do some research on your local market and don’t forget to include sales tax. Have you saved up for your furniture purchase? If not is financing right for you?

1. Purchase weeks before you need it.

So most furniture stores do not stock merchandise, besides your outlets or lease to own locations. If you need a dinner table that seats 12 by thanksgiving or a sectional that turns into a sleeper for your guest coming by Christmas Eve, you should be buying furniture 3-6 weeks in advance. Do not expect to walk into a store and customize your sofa and receive the next day, that will noit happen ever. Most places do not stock goods so if you need buy a certain time order in advance!

Of course there are other things to do before purchasing furniture like clearing out your space before delivery, painting, and decorating but these five things will help make your buying process much smoother. Furniture is usually a big purchase, make sure you’re going to be happy with your purchase, you will be seeing and using it on a daily basis. Good luck!

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