Air Conditioning Repair in Point Loma

Air Conditioning Repair in Point Loma

If you are looking for professionals who can get your appliances repaired quickly, contact the Home Appliance Service Center. The air conditioning unit has become so indispensable that even the slightest malfunction can cause serious problems. Air Conditioning Repair in Point Loma, CA is quite a sought-after service, because air conditioning helps us stay in comfortable, optimal climatic conditions at all times of the year.

We have experienced craftsmen who know all the features of appliances from different brands and have modern repair equipment, which makes it possible to guarantee an excellent result.

Why should you apply to this company

Specialists of the company perform Point Loma Air Conditioning Repair of any complexity. Employees of the company have a great experience, the necessary amount of knowledge, and special tools to perform a competent repair. All this will allow us to restore operability of the climatic equipment quickly and it will serve for many years afterwards.

The main malfunctions

Compressor breakdown

It is possible to consider the following peculiarities of split-system functioning as indications of compressor breakage:

  •   When the split system is turned on, the compressor does not turn on at all and the unit does not function.
  •   When switching on the compressor makes extraneous noises.
  •   When switching on the compressor switches on with a big delay.
  •   The compressor switches on/off very often during operation.

It can be difficult to find the reason for failure, because one and the same symptom can be the cause of several factors. So, for example, frequent switching on/off can be caused by initial incorrect selection of split-system, breakage of compressor starting relay, short circuit between compressor winding or breakdown on the case, refreezing agent overcharge. An Air Conditioning Repair in Point Loma, CA technician can determine and repair such a breakdown.

Control board breakdown

Typically, a broken control board is accompanied by flashing of the display and other indicators. Also, often when the board is broken, the fan stops rotating. Almost always the control board fails for electrical reasons: power surge, short circuit. The board may burn out all or parts of it. On-site diagnostics will identify the problem, and a Point Loma Air Conditioning Repairs technician will fix it.

Failure of the heat exchanger blower

The fan may not work, as noted above, when the control board fails. Also, fan impeller failure can occur - this is probably the easiest case, which is visually detected immediately. The fan has an electric motor, and in the process of operation it can overheat and jam, there is also a threat of burnout.

The capacitor that starts the electric motor may burn out. All these faults are determined by a tester measuring the resistance of the different components. Call a Air Conditioning Repair in Point Loma, CA technician and he will fix it.

Coolant leakage

At the cooling agent leakage can disturb the work of the compressor and sometimes of other elements of the split-system. The refrigerant leak occurs due to carelessness or ignorance and can occur during installation. This moment is described earlier. If the split system has been working successfully, over time, cooling agent leakage can also occur.

The evident sign of freon leak is the absence of air-cooling effect while turning on the conditioning in cooling mode or, opposite, the increasing of temperature in the premise while heating mode. The leakage is detected with a leak detector and eliminated by soldering the pipeline or, if it is threaded, by tightening. If this causes you difficulty, contact a Point Loma Air Conditioning Repair professional.

Also, our company offers a wide array of Air Conditioning Repair in Point Loma, CA for almost all makes and models. Our specialists will hold competent diagnostics, measuring of refrigerant pressure, topping up, also they will completely clean the inner and outer block from dirt and dust, will treat conditioning with antibacterial agent, in case of any breakage, air conditioning repair will be made upon the agreement with the customer. Our masters work with any brand and model, we provide quality service of wall mounted split systems, cassette, ducted, floor-ceiling air conditioning.

The company Home Appliance Service Center has been on the market since 2001. All of our craftsmen have more than 20 years of experience, and we regularly take advanced training courses. We do Point Loma Air Conditioning Repair and Service and all of our customers get all of the services they are interested in from the comfort of their home or office. To contact us, you can call the number listed or leave a completed form on the website and our manager will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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