An Organized Fridge Can Be Your Best Efficiency Fix

It’s summer and your fridge is probably getting a workout. With the kids at home, the kitchen may be the busiest place in the home.

It’s hard to get kids to be mindful about not standing at the fridge with the door open. But you can help by keeping your refrigerator organized. That way, there won’t be unnecessary searching for an item in the fridge. When everything has a place, it’s easier to locate what you need and get the door shut.

Not only is an organized refrigerator easier to navigate but it can also keep your foods fresher. The more the door remains shut, the more constant the interior of the refrigerator stays in order to keep foods their freshest.

Clean and Empty

The best way to begin is with an empty and clean fridge. Remove all food, toss expired items, and wipe up any spills.

Top Shelves

The top shelves of your fridge are great for things you don’t want to forget about. If you keep leftovers here, they have less of a chance of becoming a science experience. Somewhere on the top two shelves you should keep your eggs. Do not keep them on the door. Eggs should be left in their original container for the best freshness.

Lower Shelves

The lower the shelf in your fridge, the colder it will be. This is where you should keep anything like meat and dairy. In the case of meat, it’s always a good idea to keep it in a separate plastic container to avoid any leaks.

The Door

The shelves on the interior of your fridge door are the warmest part of your refrigerator. This is perfect for condiments as they are typically full of natural preservatives such as salt and vinegar. This is NOT a good place for milk or eggs. But butter and some cheeses can be kept in the dairy compartment on the door safely.


Crisper drawers are specifically made for humidity control. The drawer for vegetables will typically be higher in moisture than the one for fruit. Most fridges have a specific drawer for meat as well. This is safe for both raw meats and cut sandwich meats.

Separate Plastic Compartments

It’s always a good idea to have several plastic containers or a turntable to organize and be able to reach items in the back of the fridge. This is great for kids at home during the summer so you can keep their favorites in one easy place.

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