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How to buy a TV in early 2018

It’s a new year, but buying a new TV is the same as ever. In other words, it’s still kinda overwhelming.

Prices vary widely for TVs of the same size. TV manufacturers and salespeople use extra features, alien-sounding technologies and hyperbolic claims about picture quality to get you to spend more. And as usual the internet is a mess of conflicting facts, opinions and unexplained jargon.

This guide is intended as an oasis in the vast desert of information about TVs. I strive to fill it with just enough easy-to-understand information to help you select a new television. It won’t answer every question, and when you read it, it won’t tell you “the perfect TV for you” at the end. But I hope it can provide you with the basic tools you need to feel confident when you buy that new set.

Which TV should I buy right now? (Updated February 2018)

If you just want to skip all the details and buy a great television, I have a few go-to choices among the TVs available in early 2018:

For more choices, check out our constantly updated lists of the best TVs. (Those models listed above are US-only, but the advice that follows is universal. You can find the UK’s best TVs here and Australia’s best TVs here.)

Timely advice: Buy now or wait until later in 2018?

All of my recommended TVs above are 2017 models, because the new 2018 models aren’t available yet. The first new ones are likely to appear, along with my first reviews, around the end of February and early March, but it might be the case that I don’t review the 2018 TV you want to know about until summer or later.

But here’s the rub: I already know a lot about those new 2018 TVs. That’s because many of the biggest TV makers introduced their 2018 TVs at the annual CES show. Many are crazy-expensive (Samsung’s The Wall) or crazy-cool concepts (LG Display’s roll-up OLED), but a good chunk will be available in 2018 for mainstream prices. Given the TVs I saw at the show, and what I know about the TV market in general, here’s my advice.

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