Dryer Repair in Poway

Dryer Repair in Poway

After washing clothes need to dry and here comes to the aid of the dryer, of course things can be dried on the balcony. Let's agree that the opportunity to dry clothes immediately after washing has many advantages, you can free the balcony from wet clothes, and spend time there quietly, things will not get dirty if someone accidentally touches them, and it doesn't land on the dust and there won't be unpleasant smells from cigarettes from the street. Unfortunately, all appliances can break at the most inopportune moment, our company Home Appliance Service Center opened in 2001, which specializes in Dryer Repair in Poway, CA and the experience of each of our specialist more than 20 years in this field, so you can have no doubt in the reliability and quality of our work, we guarantee it.

The main causes of breakdowns

Dryer breakdowns occur for the following reasons:

  • Natural wear and tear. The motor and pump are subject to metal fatigue, the drive belt loses strength, and wears out. Typically, this can occur after 10 years of service of the equipment. The Poway Dryer Repair wizard will have no trouble figuring out what the cause is.
  • Failure or improper installation of parts. Can occur with unqualified Dryer Repair in Poway, CA, or substandard assembly in the budget price segment of dryers.
  • Errors on the part of the user. The operating instructions should be followed, and the filters should be cleaned regularly.
  • Drum overloading. The manufacturer specifies the maximum mass of laundry that the machine can dry. If the appliance operates with overloading, there is increased wear and tear of the motor and belt, drum shock absorbers. This also leads to poor quality drying. If you see similar malfunctions in your appliances, don't hesitate to order Poway Dryer Repairs.
  • Loading very wet clothes. Place items in the dryer that have been hand or machine wrung beforehand. Very wet laundry can cause the appliance to overheat. The only way out here is to call Dryer Repair in Poway, CA.
  • Improper care. Drain water from the condensate tank, check filters for cleanliness. After each drying, check the condition of the lint filters and clean them. They are usually located in the loading hatch. They are easy to remove by opening the door. Rinse the fluff filters under running water and put them back in after drying them.  Poway Washing Machine Repair is happy to provide you with a variety of services.

The first thing to check is if the machine does not turn on or works worse than usual

  • The power connection. It's elementary, but it's often the little details we don't notice; you may have just forgotten you unplugged it and think it's broken.
  • Whether the door is closed tightly. It should be slammed shut until you hear a distinctive click. Many dryers have an indicator light that tells you how securely the door is closed.
  • Whether the timer works. It is possible that due to a faulty timer, the machine stops working before things become dry or does not start the drying process at all.
  • The cleanliness of the filter. If it's clogged, air circulation is impaired, and those very small dust particles or pet hair still remain on your clothes.
  • There are no cracks in the air duct. This is one of the most common reasons why the dryer does not work. A leak occurs that causes air to fill the room. If you notice increased humidity in the room where the dryer is running, the most likely cause is a broken or cracked air duct, be sure to have Dryer Repair in Poway, CA done.

There are cases when repair of dryers is ordered by people who operate the equipment carefully and according to the rules, but it still fails. The thing is that every brand, no matter how good it is, has its weak points and masters can describe the problem and indicate the brand to understand immediately what it is about and promptly make a replacement part. Contact our Home Appliance Service Center and we will perform Poway Dryer Repair and Service, and most importantly we guarantee quality!

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