Freezer Repair in Pacific Beach

Freezer Repair in Pacific Beach

In modern households we have an opportunity to use large freezers. In them we have the opportunity to freeze fruits and vegetables in large quantities, and in the winter to defrost them and prepare something delicious and vitamins. But everything goes according to plan only when the freezer is working properly. If it suddenly stops freezing, you should call the Home Appliance Service Center right away. Our experts at Freezer Repair in Pacific Beach, CA will perform quality repairs on your appliances.

Freezer breakdowns

Compressor Breakdown

If your freezer refuses to work, respectively, the breakdown lies in the freezer compressor. Also, if we are talking about a freezer cabinet or freezer chest, if the device refuses to work, you should not rule out a compressor breakdown, although it is quite an unpleasant breakdown. If the freezer compressor does not turn on at all or turns on for a while, it becomes a clear cause of a possible compressor failure. Only an experienced Pacific Beach Freezer Repair technician should diagnose the compressor for proper operation.

The solenoid valve is out of order

The next breakdown, which can entail the inoperability of the freezer, is peculiar to refrigerators, which are equipped with a freezing system. More often it occurs in models with electronic control systems. These particular freezers are equipped with a solenoid valve, which allows the single-compressor freezer to regulate the temperature in the freezer and cooler compartments separately.

If the solenoid valve malfunctions, the freezer continues to operate, but completely unnoticed by us. The temperature inside the chamber is higher than what we set on the thermostat. A technician who specializes in Freezer Repair in Pacific Beach, CA can determine the cause and repair the problem.

Freon leakage has occurred

A coolant leak from the freezer circuit is a fairly serious problem. The coolant will turn on, but the compressor in such a situation is under a big load, if not refueling, it can burn out, the problem of refrigerator repair will become aggravated. Pacific Beach Freezer Repairs is happy to provide you with a variety of services. If the freezer does not work, it is possible to define the freon leakage by the following manifestations:

  •   An area of rust has formed on the body around the freezer.
  •   Initially, the freezer did not freeze well, and now it has turned off at all.
  •   After defrosting the cooler, the freezer stopped freezing.

Freon leakage can occur due to mechanical damage to the circuit.

Finding the leak and refilling should be done by an experienced Freezer Repair in Pacific Beach, CA technician who has the skills and all the necessary tools.

Faulty air sensor.

A modern cooler means that it is possible to set the exact temperature that it must maintain in the chambers during its operation. At the same time, it is done separately for the refrigerator compartment and separately for the freezer compartment. Accordingly, there is a separate device in the freezer compartment design, which is responsible for controlling the temperature regime inside.

This device is called an air sensor, it is used mainly in a freezer with electronic control. In order to maintain the desired temperature inside the freezer, the air sensor measures the current temperature condition and transmits the data to the control board. Call a Pacific Beach Freezer Repair technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace the failed parts.

In turn, the control board gives a command to the compressor to start working and lower the temperature to the set limits on the cooler control panel. Accordingly, if the freezer air sensor is defective, the control board does not receive data about the current temperature status, which becomes higher and higher over time. Thus, the freezer can' t turn on. If you can't fix it yourself and figure out what's causing the problem, you'd better call Freezer Repair in Pacific Beach, CA.

If you find a freezer malfunction in your cooler, only an experienced Home Appliance Service Center company should be involved in finding the root cause of the breakdown, and especially in fixing it. The experts at Pacific Beach Freezer Repair and Service have sufficient theoretical knowledge and all the necessary tools. The latter is especially important, because it is extremely rare to find a tool to repair a domestic freezer in your home.

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