Handy Tips To Spring Clean Your Kitchen

We’ve survived winter and spring is right around the corner. All through winter, we’ve hunkered down inside and spent more time in the kitchen. But this added time may have also added up to an added mess. Before you throw open the doors to warmer weather, give your kitchen a nifty spring cleaning and organization.

Weed Out the Pantry

We tend to love those bulk warehouse chains. But all those staples that accumulate in your pantry? They get old. Go through the flour, oils, dry goods, and spices that may have gotten lost at the back of the shelves. Not only are you getting rid of foods that are no longer at their optimal flavor and health but you will be clearing out needed storage for fresh spring and summer cooking. Just because you can buy a 20-pound bag of rice for a great price doesn’t mean you should.

Clean Out Those Small Appliances

Coffeemakers, grinders, can openers, toasters, blenders…these accumulate bits of food over time. Spring is a great time for deep cleaning these gadgets.

Clean Nooks and Crannies of Major Appliances

Even if you are pretty diligent about cleaning your appliances periodically, they can accumulate food residue, grease, and dirt in those hard to get to spots. The knobs on the range, the exhaust fan above the stove, the rubber gasket around the fridge door…these are areas that don’t seem quite so important until they get really bad. Spring is the perfect time to attend to these areas that don’t get much cleaning attention. Most appliance parts can just be soaked in warm soapy water and then scrubbed with a brush.

While you’re at it, clean the oven. Clean the dirt off the top of the fridge. Vacuum the coils. Run the dishwasher on empty with a bit of baking soda. There. Don’t you feel better now?

Organize the Kitchen

Consider the task and organize around it. Create zones that make sense for the things you do in the kitchen. Empty the cabinets and restock them by their zone. Keep similar items together in the area they will be used most.

Empty drawers and organize them by use. Create compartments within drawers so things are kept neatly. Kitchen drawers can easily become catch-alls. With compartments, you can keep things together and also keep them organized.

And Then There is the Refrigerator

It’s easy to put off cleaning the refrigerator. But when you open the freezer and close it quickly for fear of things falling out, it may just be time to bite the bullet. Pull out any food and wipe down shelves. Throw away any mystery frozen leftovers. Check the expiration of condiments and throw away any expired ones or ones that simply look crusty and unappetizing.

Last But Not Least

Spring is the perfect time to schedule maintenance on your major appliances. Call the expert San Diego County appliance repair specialists at San Diego Appliances Repair Company for an inspection and cleaning of your kitchen and other household appliances.

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