Ice Maker Repair in Poway

Ice Maker Repair in Poway

Ice makers are used at home and in professional kitchens to create ice cubes. You pour in water, press a button, and get a large batch of ice - handy at parties and very practical in various establishments. But even with such simple appliances, things can go wrong. If that's the case, the Home Appliance Service Center provided by Ice Maker Repair in Poway, CA is here to help. This company has been engaged in the repair of various household appliances since 2001.

The company employs only qualified technicians who can supply you with any kind of Poway Ice Maker Repair. You will also get an official guarantee for the services rendered. They won't take up any extra time, and we vouch for their work.

Ice makers malfunctions and their reasons

The drain hose is clogged

The principle of connection and operation of the drain hose in an ice maker is similar to that of a washing machine, but blockages occur much more frequently. You may notice water and unfrozen cubes inside the chamber.

Causes of blockages:

  • Cooling in the beverage and food compartment. Food and fruit particles fall into the drain.
  • Incorrect hose connection - below the correct level.

Plugged nozzles or faulty pump (no water coming in)

The usual signs of malfunctions are incorrectly shaped ice or incomplete filling of the molds. The pump is used to force water into the compartment, which flows through the nozzles. If there is no water flow, there is a blockage, and it must be removed.

Opaque cubes are produced

This happens when using hard water, which contains a lot of lime and calcium. If your area has a large amount of impurities, be sure to install a purification filter. An Ice Maker Repair in Poway, CA technician will have no trouble pinpointing the cause of the failure and the steps to fix it.

The thermostat or switch is defective

If the ice maker does not switch on or switches off after 15 minutes of operation, the hopper thermostat is probably defective. No ice will be produced, or the pressure switch will switch off in an emergency mode. The hopper thermostat is used to control the ice production.

As soon as the temperature in the chamber reaches a certain point, the unit will disconnect from the mains. In such cases you should inspect the regulator, check if the shut-off valve is open, have the solenoid valve, fan, condenser inspected or take no chances and call in a highly qualified professional who will provide you with any type of Poway Ice Maker Repairs.

The ice cubes freeze intact on the evaporator, there is no defrosting

This could be a faulty programmer, evaporator thermostat or possibly a faulty solenoid valve. It cuts off the direct inlet of hot gas from the condenser to the evaporator during the defrost cycle. The refrigerant enters the evaporator through the capillary tube. During the defrost cycle, the valve opens, and the hot gas enters the evaporator. If this causes you difficulty, contact a Ice Maker Repair in Poway, CA professional.

Air-cooled condenser malfunction

Periodically we advise blowing it out with compressed air, if necessary to wash it with a special agent. The most common problem is refrigerant leakage on the ice maker condenser. It can be detected by the characteristic oil stains that appear in the place of the formed leak. A Poway Ice Maker Repair technician will have no trouble pinpointing the exact cause of the breakdown and the steps to fix it.

The evaporator is badly frosted

Probably the pressure is below the standard value. This is caused by a capillary blockage or refrigerant leakage. The blockage must be found and repaired, and the condition of the filter drier must be checked. Repair the leakage and recharge the system with the refrigerant. Sounds simple, but it takes the expertise of an Ice Maker Repair in Poway, CA technician.

Remember, whatever the fault, you have the option of contacting the Home Appliance Service Center. Our specialists will be happy to assist you and provide Poway Ice Maker Repair and Service of any complexity. Be sure that our company will save you from buying a new device, which costs much more.

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