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Keeping Your House a Home Workshops

“Keeping Your House a Home” is an interactive workshop developed by neighborhood leaders, attorneys, and housing counselors that shares tools and resources that can help you keep your house a home.

We discuss:

  1. Property tax and home repair support
  2. Legal and financial tools to help ensure the future you want for your home
  3. Ways you can honor the financial and community values of your home

Preserve Your Home

Claim the Values
Homes in Northside have significant financial, architectural, and community values

Have a Plan
Many homes are lost or sold without a plan. There are ways to safeguard your hopes with a plan

Share the Tools
There are resources that can help you stay in your home and tools that can help you ensure the future you want for your home

Keeping Your House a Home

For years, investors have bought homes in Northside by offering quick cash, converting them into student rentals. This has made it almost impossible for new homeowners and affordable housing partners to purchase homes in Northside. The Northside Landbank is a tool that gives our community control of properties: we coordinate with our non-profit partner, Self-Help Credit Union, to pay fair market value for homes with cash. We work with Northside residents to make strategic decisions about what to do with these homes, including whether to make them available for purchase for interested homeowners, non-profit housing partners, or community-minded developers.

Our first landbank homeowners, a UNC staff member and small business owner, were connected to this home through a neighborhood leader. They were thrilled to become first-time homeowners in Northside as they welcomed their daughter into the world.

Our Northside Compass Group is made up of residents from all sections of the neighborhood who help guide decisions of the landbank and lead NNI strategies.

The landbank outbid investors to purchase this home, which had been owned by one family for over 70 years. A family who rented nearby for decades worked with our partners to purchase this home affordably and keep their 8-year old grandson in Northside Elementary!

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