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Garant Service is remaining open, and our team is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19. What we value most, is keeping our customers, staff, technicians and community safe, while still providing the essential home services.
Our customer service department is always looking to help. For any of your questions, concerns, and/or needs, please reach us at (619) 928-5000, or visit our website

Although COVID-19 has temporarily shut down many businesses, we remain fully operational, and will continue to offer our full range of appliance repair services. We have urged our technicians to be flexible with their time, regularly wash their hands, wear gloves, cancel appointments if they are sick and to follow all local, state, and federal guidelines.

What you can do:

It is extremely important to follow the CDC’s advice on COVID-19 in order to prevent an even greater spread of the virus. Please visit their public information page for the latest updates.

As a result of many of us working from home, household appliances are being used much more frequently. Due to this, there’s an even greater demand for Appliance Repairs and HVAC Repair.

To make sure families are taken care of, our business has been recognized as essential to our community. Although we understand the health concerns, our company is trying our best to service the needs of our clients, while making sure that both them and our workers are staying safe and healthy.