Stove Repair in Point Loma

Stove Repair in Point Loma

If you are looking for professionals who can get your appliances repaired quickly, contact the Home Appliance Service Center. The kitchen stove has become so indispensable that even the slightest malfunction can cause serious problems. Stove Repair in Point Loma, CA is an in-demand service since we use our kitchen stove on a daily basis.

We have experienced craftsmen who know all the features of appliances from different brands and have modern repair equipment, which makes it possible to guarantee an excellent result.

Why do you need to contact this company

Masters of our service have sufficient experience and practical skills for the elimination of damage and will carry out repairs and Point Loma Stove Repair in accordance with the standards and requirements specified in the technical data sheet of the product. An important advantage of our service is the use of reliable original spare parts and provision of a full line of repair services. 

Main malfunctions

The stove shuts down a few minutes after being switched on

Let's start with the example given at the beginning - the electric stove turns off just a few minutes after the start of cooking, because the automatic protection is triggered. The most common cause of such a failure is a violation of the integrity of the insulation of the coil.

Where exactly? To find this out, you will need a multimeter set-in resistance measurement mode. Check all the burners. The faulty burner should be replaced. Stove Repair in Point Loma, CA will solve this problem in no time.

The stove heats up weakly

You have decided to make soup and the water still won't boil?

So, if the stove heats up, but is clearly weaker than what you expect (you set the power switch), there may be several reasons. First, it can be caused by the breakage of one of the coils, and secondly, by the malfunction of the power switch itself, through which you give the command to heat the burner. On-site diagnostics will identify the problem, and a Point Loma Stove Repairs technician will fix it.

The stove always heats up to the maximum

Strictly the opposite situation is possible, when you need to bake something at medium temperature and long cooking, and the stove stubbornly heats to the maximum temperature, ruthlessly burning everything that is put into it. A functioning thermostat, when the set temperature is reached, opens the contacts of the generating unit, and no further heating takes place.

If the thermostat is broken, it is just the opposite: heating continues up to the maximum value provided by this model. Sometimes it helps to remove the thermostat and dry it out. Perhaps it got splattered with grease when you fried the duck, or with detergent when you scrubbed the stove. Often, a malfunctioning thermostat will need to be replaced with a new one.

The stove won't heat at all

Here the masters talk about the heating element malfunction - the latter is subject to complete replacement, but not to repair. It is quite possible and a faulty thermostat, which also quickly, easily can be replaced by a working one. It Stove Repair in Point Loma, CA is happy to provide you with a variety of services.

The LCD display on the stove is out of order

If we are talking about the touch type of electric stoves - her work is responsible for the mechanism of the control unit, where in case of malfunction is worth checking. Point Loma Stove Repair will consist of replacing the connecting cable, power supply unit.

The heating surface is not heated

If the heating surface itself is not heated - it is important to check whether the operation of the equipment itself is correct. In the beginning include the selected burner and set the desired power level, use the proper cookware. Among other reasons, allocate such:

  • Breakage of the sensor that regulates the temperature - it is subject to replacement by the master.
  • The induction heating surface to the glass-ceramic area is poorly adhered to.
  • Failed right on the stove burners - there is no connection of the latter with the power supply or the control system. Worn out part to be replaced with a new one.
  • When the left burners do not heat - most likely contacts on the terminal box, the fuse, and therefore will have to replace the fuse.

If you see similar malfunctions in your appliances, don't hesitate to order Stove Repair in Point Loma, CA.

Home Appliance Service Center has been in the market since 2001. All our craftsmen have more than 20 years of experience, and we also take regular refresher courses. We do Point Loma Stove Repair and Service and all our customers get all the services they are interested in from the comfort of their home or office. To contact us, you can call the number listed or leave a completed form on the website and our manager will contact you as soon as possible. 

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