Washing Machine Repair in Paradise Valley

Washing Machine Repair in Paradise Valley

The washing machine is an important household appliance in our everyday life. We can no longer even imagine how to do without this appliance. The complete work of the washing machine is provided by parts assembled at the manufacturer's factory. Often the culprits of problems with the washing machine become the owners themselves who do not comply with the manufacturer's basic recommendations for the operation and care of the washing machine. In situations when the machine is out of order you can turn to the proven specialists at Home Appliance Service Center. Our company has been working since 2001. The best option for handling complex washing machine repair problems is the team of professionals at Washing Machine Repair in Paradise Valley, CA.

We've prepared a list of the malfunctions that experts believe most often cause washing machines to stop working.

The most common causes of washing machine breakdowns are

Drain pump malfunction. During washing, the washing machine stops. Water is not drained, and the scoreboard displays errors with a code. The cause of the failure can be blockage of the drain pump by an object that got together with water from the tank or the failure of the pump motor or the destruction of the impeller. In case of blockage, it is enough to disassemble and clean the pump, and in case of breakage - replace the faulty pump. Masters specializing in Paradise Valley Washing Machine Repair will eliminate this problem.

Breakdown of the control board. One of the most unpleasant and complicated in the repair of the breakdowns is considered a failure of the control board (electronic controller). The cause of failure is usually the sudden surges in voltage in the electrical system or moisture penetration into the electronic "stuffing" of the unit.

Externally, this failure of the washing machine manifests itself by frequent failures during the washing process or spontaneous stops of the programs. Sometimes the washing machine simply does not start. To check the components of the control board is possible only if you have special equipment and sufficient expertise. Often it is necessary to change the entire board. You can't do without a Washing Machine Repair in Paradise Valley, CA.

Wear of the brushes of the electric motor. If the washing machine has stopped rotating the drum or when spinning it refuses to pick up speed, the culprit for the breakdown are most often worn out motor brushes. To restore the operation of the node, it is sufficient to replace the graphite brushes.

Failure of the heating element. When the heating element fails, the washing machine does not heat water, washes for a long time and does not go into rinse mode. On the scoreboard, symbols of failure are displayed. Sometimes the washing machine knocks out the plugs. The cause of breakdown of the heating element is most often water with a high content of salts or minerals, particles of fabrics, threads and other dirt that settle on the surface of the heating element, worsening the heat transfer. As a result, it overheats and fails.

Wear or destruction of the bearings. Over time, the packing loses its properties and water getting on the bearings, destroying them. As a result, the drum rotates tighter and tighter, and over time it is impossible to turn it. The machine stops spinning things at first, and eventually does not start at all. Bearing replacement is a time-consuming operation that requires complete disassembly of the appliance. Therefore, washing machine repair in such cases is best performed by Paradise Valley Washing Machine Repairs.

Damage associated with the drive belt. If the automatic machine hums, but the drum does not begin to rotate, or the problems begin during the transition to the spin mode, most likely the culprit of the problem is a loose or stretched drive belt. To replace it, it is enough to remove the rear (for front models) or side (for vertical models) walls. If the belt Washing Machine Repair in Paradise Valley, CA wizard will have no trouble figuring out what the cause is.

Malfunctions of the hatch locking assembly. This breakdown of the washing machine leads to the absence of locking of the drum door when starting the washing or to difficulties in opening the door after the end of the program. The most common cause of the failure is the failure of the thermal tab that controls the latch of the lock. If the washing machine is broken, the repair will consist of replacing the entire door lock assembly. A Paradise Valley Washing Machine Repair technician will have no trouble pinpointing the exact cause of the breakdown and the steps to fix it.

Malfunctioning of the electric motor. In the motor can be not only broken or closed windings, but also destroyed lamellae collectors. Usually, the motor should be replaced to fix the breakdown. Washing Machine Repair in Paradise Valley, CA is happy to provide you with a variety of services.

All manufacturers tend to minimize the size of their washing machines, compacting all the nodes in a small package. Because of this, to get, for example, to the bearing unit is necessary to disassemble virtually the entire machine. There are many small breakages, which additionally create serious problems in using the product. If you can't do the repairs yourself, call the professionals at Home Appliance Service Center. For more serious breakdowns that cause your washing machine to not function, it is advisable to have Paradise Valley Washing Machine Repair and Service.

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