Wine Cooler Repair in Poway

Wine Cooler Repair in Poway

A wine cooler isn't an ordinary refrigerator, but a kind of wine cellar in your home. Wine is a delicate beverage, so there are special cabinets for its storage. The most common causes of failure are improper use, voltage fluctuations in the electrical system, "fatigue" of mechanisms and parts as a result of intensive load. All these things we can fix, contact the Home Appliance Service Center, and we will perform Wine Cooler Repair in Poway, CA. Our service center opened in 2001 and with over 20 years of experience, our technicians can fix your appliances with ease.

The main breakdowns of the wine cooler

There are various types of breakdowns that our specialists are ready to fix.

  • Most often the electronic control unit fails. To fix this problem, the equipment is plugged into a separate outlet. Also, in this case a voltage cutoff device is installed. If the equipment doesn't turn on at all, it may indicate a broken motor. Our masters are ready to carry out Poway Wine Cooler Repair, or replacement. If the wine cooler is incomplete, our staff will repair the fan.
  • If the temperature inside the wine cooler changes spontaneously, it indicates a broken sensor. Specialists of our company carry out replacement of this unit. If the humidity sensor breaks down and moisture appears inside the cooler, it is also replaced. Quite regularly the technique loses its tightness, which can lead to overheating of the compressor and its failure.

If this concern occurs, the rubber bands on the doors are replaced. Call a Wine Cooler Repair in Poway, CA technician to find the cause, tighten anything that's loose, and replace any parts that have failed.

Our company repairs this equipment, as well as Poway Wine Cooler Repairs at a variety of businesses. We provide our services in stores, supermarkets, cafes, bars, restaurants, and other catering facilities. Any organization that has a wine cooler that breaks down can turn to our specialists.

How to use the wine cooler

  1. Put the wine cooler in the right place. Not too dry or too humid and not subject to large temperature fluctuations. Even though the bottles are stacked horizontally to allow the wine to wet the cork from the inside, it can still dry out - if the air in the cabinet is too dry. This causes the wine to oxidize and spoil quickly. Humidity above the recommended humidity is also detrimental. Don't place the wine cooler in a room where the temperature is constantly fluctuating, for example, in the hallway of a private home. Variations cause the formation of condensation, which increases humidity in the cooler, and mold appears on the corks, which spoils the taste of the drink.
  1. Position the wine cooler so that it isn't exposed to sunlight. The sun's rays are extremely damaging to wine, and you should minimize your exposure to them - especially if the cooler has a glass door.
  1. Place the wine cooler on a hard, perfectly flat surface or secure it very well inside the furniture when you build it in.
  1. Don't store anything inside except wine. A wine cooler is for wine only. Often owners use a shelf or two to store cheese, sausages and other snacks, and manufacturers sometimes equip coolers with special compartments for cigars and cheese. This should not be done under any circumstances! Wine cooler shelves are frequently made of wood, and it perfectly absorbs all odors.
  1. Take care of your wine cooler. A wine cooler is designed for many years of continuous operation - since the wine will be stored in it for decades, the cooler should last just as long. It isn't a refrigerator, so it doesn't require periodic defrosting and cleaning. Models with an air supply to the chamber may require periodic cleaning or replacement of the fan filter. Wine Cooler Repair in Poway, CA is happy to provide you with a variety of services.

Can't fix the breakdown yourself and figure out what the cause of the breakdown is, then you'd better call a Poway Wine Cooler Repair.

A technician specializing in Wine Cooler Repair in Poway, CA can determine the cause and fix the breakdown.

Maintaining a stable microclimate in the wine cooler is essential for the quality of the wine. Each wine varietal requires strictly defined conditions for maturation and storage. Even a slight deviation from the required temperature regime or switching off the cooler for a short period of time will certainly affect the taste of the wine. If any malfunctions occur, it is necessary to contact the specialized service center Home Appliance Service Center, which specializes in Poway Wine Cooler Repair and Service.

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